Less Mess.
More Margins.

Our user-friendly app and web tools help cut through the clutter and get the data you need to run a smooth operation.

Do more with Zeemart

Join over 1,200 Zeemart venues taking time back and cost out - - from cafes, CPG brands, QSRs, and fine dining restaurants, to central kitchens, schools & even hospitals.

Order like a pro

Simple to set up, easy to use, and instantly eliminates daily manual tasks.  Go live in less than a day! Our current record stands at 72 mins!

Plug leakages

Prevent over-paying for supplies not received. Record what was delivered and easily spot discrepancies billed in supplier invoices.

Automated invoice processing

Snap and forget. It's as easy as that. Our part-human-part-machine digitization service extracts all the essential details required for tracking and analysis.

Instant stock management

Say goodbye to manual clipboards and embrace the efficiency of recording stock levels directly on your phone. Obtain on-hand inventory values instantly.

Manage and track price updates

Don't let price hikes slip under your radar. Timely alerts on fluctuations help you make better decisions on pricing and procurement strategies.

COGs updates

With all stock movement activities (purchased, received, invoiced, transfers, wastage, etc) tracked in a single system, you get your COGs immediately after every stock-take.

Three way matching

Our report effortlessly analyses data across purchase orders (POs), goods received notes (GRNs), and invoices, highlighting any variances that require your attention.

Master your menu pricing

Safeguard your bottomline in a dynamic market. This feature keeps you in the loop regarding ingredient price fluctuations and their effect on your profit margins.

Integrate with POS & Accounting:

Maintain real-time inventory data and stay on top of all your finances and accounts with our integration to QuickBooks, Xero and Abacus POS.

Efficiency never tasted
this good!

Digitise and streamline crucial back-of-house operations effortlessly

The best operators love Liven

"As we grow, we needed a system. We really can't survive without Zeemart. We'll just be drowning with unnecessary administrative processes. If you were to take Zeemart from me, I will feel the pinch... No, I'll feel the punch."

Mustaffa Kamal,

Operation Manager

The Black Hole Group

"Even the homepage is really useful. We love having an overview of our ordering and delivery activities."

Gisela Salazar Golding,

Executive Chef

Grain Traders

"Zeemart has been a real game-changer for us. We are now able to manage our orders more efficiently and have a better view of spending across our many outlets."

Lai Jianhao,

Assistant Manager


"The large variety of products and suppliers on Zeemart Essentials surprised us but we were even more impressed that short-term financing was readily available!"

Aznor Raif Azmi

Operations Director

Comme Me Das

"Zeemart has saved at least 40% of time spent previously on checking whether our suppliers have accidentally overcharged or oversupplied us."

Avinash Mahendram

Restaurant Manager

Greenhouse Cafe

"Ordering in the past used to be very inefficient and tedious but with Zeemart, I can do it anytime and anywhere I want from a single app and it saves me a lot of time."

Nellie Tan

Co-Founder & Head Chef

Homeground Grill & Bar

Better Together

Zeemart offers more seamless integrations than any other inventory management platform.

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